Unlimited is an adaptive dance program for students with special needs to explore the joy of dance within a safe and supportive environment.

Students from 1st- 12th grade with mild to moderate Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Difficulties, Intellectual Disabilities, and Physical Impairments are invited to build their self-esteem, and communication skills while expressing themselves through the art of movement.

Students will practice creative expression while having the opportunity to belong to a group, integrate socially, and participate in an extracurricular activity within the community.

We strive to create a class for students with disabilities to develop their bodies and minds through dance. A dance teacher and certified special education teacher will facilitate classes to make sure the diverse needs of students are appropriately considered and integrated within all dance instruction.

We respectfully request that participants be able to follow simple visual or verbal directions and function without the presence of a parent during our small group class.

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Class size is limited