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Pre-Dance Classes involve lots of imagination and games to keep the interest and attention of young students. Children use large motor skill movements such as jumping, skipping and hopping, and are made aware of music and rhythm. Exercises for building physical strength and coordination are offered in a fun and nurturing atmosphere. Children also learn the discipline and manners required in the dance studio.

Pre-Dance Classes


Students are taught ballet exercises at the barre and center floor, progressing towards more complex combinations as the levels increase. The teaching emphasis is on how to stand with the body in proper alignment, the use of turn-out from the hips, pointing feet and the coordination of the arms and head movements. Ballet is beautiful, flowing and elegant, yet is also strong and forceful. Musical awareness is constantly stressed.

Ballet Classes


Pointe is an extension of ballet that requires solid, consistent, and current ballet training coupled with leg and core body strength. Available only to those taking other weekly ballet classes. Subject to prerequisites.

Pointe Classes


Tap students develop coordination, rhythm, strength and stamina. Basic techniques and rhythm through the use of the shuffle, flap (pronounced fa-lap), ball-change and other beginning steps are taught. As students progress, a focus on control, speed and smoothness while exploring syncopation is taught along with more advanced steps such as cramp rolls and chugs. Close floor work with focus on speed and clarity of sound is emphasized.

Tap Classes


Jazz Dance is a fun, high energy choreographed workout that involves learning basic postures, stretches and fundamental movements. Class begins with warm-ups, stretches and flexibility exercises. Floor work, jazz techniques, across the floor combinations, and choreography which may incorporate some funky and urban moves are taught. Jazz focuses on body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms and encourage individual expression and the development of personal style.

Jazz Classes


Lyrical Jazz maintains the percussive rhythmic characteristics that define jazz, but incorporates elements of Ballet and Modern dance to obtain a smooth look and lyrical quality. Lyrical focuses on a direct relationship between the lyrics of the song with specific dance movements, with a strong emphasis on emotional presentation of the choreography.

Lyrical Classes


Hip Hop is high energy street movement as seen in music videos by artists such as Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Usher. Hip-Hop has a range of styles, from breakdancing, pop-n-lock, to krumping. As hip hop dancing is such a broad genre, the teacher has much freedom and room for personal interpretation, and often mixes various styles freely, even mixing them with other dance forms such as jazz dance. Dance Arts Centre offers a terrific "Boys Only" Hip-Hop class that really lets the guys show their stuff!

Hip-Hop Classes